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When I first met Juma Al-Jou Jou for breakfast in a Berlin Hotel I was impressed about the determination and vision of this young entrepreneur. His idea: support sustainable consumption by involving consumers and brands alike in a board and online game called "MoRally". How his young company called Karma Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new game called "Pretty Ugly". The idea of this satirical card (and soon online) game is to challenge the beauty ideals of the everpresent casting and modeling shows, along the lines of the now long-running Dove campaign. "This interactive, fun game contains a good mixture of strategy and luck. The game mimics absurd real-world beauty mania: players can never completely reach the beauty ideal, the beauty ideal changes over time, and finally, beauty sells!" (quote from the Kickstarter site of "Pretty Ugly").

KarmaGames, the company behind Pretty Ugly and MoRally wants to create transparency about the "real" sustainability performance of companies and brands in a playful setting. Consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability but are unsure about how sustainable the brands and products of their choice actually are. Using up to date data on the actual sustainability performance of brands and companies the KarmaGames games help to bridge this information gap and encourage consumers to make informed sustainable purchase decisions. For companies and brands and game sponsors on the other hand KarmaGames offers a platform to communicate their sustainability achievements and performance to a growing community of online and offline gamers and reach young target audiences.

I wish Juma and his colleagues much success in their endeavour of creating their platform and would encourage readers to spread the word as well.

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