Caring about its people as well as the climate

"Since acquiring The Human Element IP in 2001, we at BCon have been following Max hamburger’s efforts closely. From 2010 and onwards our interest in Max grew even further and in 2013 we decided to take a closer look at Max’s unique approach to sustainability. In Max’s approach the social dimension goes hand-in-hand with and strengthens the ecological dimension. The leadership dimension, partly driven by concepts from the Human element, gives the whole model a clarity and completeness that makes it useful for companies in a variety of industries. Tetsuji Yokozeki, CEO ★★★★ BCon Japan"

This quote posted by Max Burger's CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Pär Larshans a few days ago on Twitter reminded me of what fascinates me about this Swedish fastfood chain, aiming to become the best burger chain in the world. It is the way this company started off its sustainability journey by focussing on employing handicapped people and finding that this contributed to the competitiveness of the business that first caught my intention. Max then came across The Natural Step, a strategic sustainability framework and started to extend sustainability into the environmental area.

They went on to become the first company to introduce climate labeling on their products ("Climate on the Menu") and are today widely recognized as one of the sustainability leaders worldwide. They have initiated a sustainability training programme for their restaurant managers and cashiers and have a systematic carbon reduction and compensation programme in place. In 2012 the company planted 100.000 trees.

From a sustainability communication view they integrate the perspectives of employees, consumers and the general public in an, starting with employees and thus communicating "from the inside out" in an examplary way. They link what they do and say directly to their products and thus their core business. Carbon labelling is part of their overall quality promise and consumers seem to understand the rationale.

Because of the way they put sustainability at the heart of their business I am actually convinced they will continue to move on towards becoming the best burger chain in the world!

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