I love this brand

I read recently that Samsung wants to become a love brand. That is a good and laudable intention. But can you force someone to love you? You cannot force or just coerce another person to truly love you. While you may be able to manipulate someone for a while to fall in love with you, most will agree that is not the basis for a lasting relationship.

The same goes for our relationship with brands. You either love them or you don´t and usually it is because of who they are and what they do.

For me the brand I love (even without being a heavy user of its products, I hate to admit) does unusual things. It puts a smile to my face every time I see a product, visit their website or see some of their advertising. And if I do decide to purchase a product from that product category I will choose that brand.

What makes me love the brand? First of all it is the way it communicates - friendly, humorous, relaxed, with a light touch. The language is distinctive, the tone of voice easily recognizable. Design, images and language go well together. Friendly and nice without being boring. Secondly, it does things I like - the products are good, high quality, tasty and nourishing (not to say healthy). Sustainability is a core value, the way products and packaging are designed reflect that. The brand seems to care - care for employees, consumers and people in society. Nothing better reflects that than the promotion they have been running for many years, now in many countries it operates in. My favourite promotion of all consumer goods promotions I have known in my over 20 years in FMCG marketing. Consumers help other consumers in need by what you could call a pretty random act of kindness and the brand says thank you buy donating to those consumers or people in need.

You know which brand I am talking of, I am sure! The Big Knit has kicked off yet another time and innocent has rolled it out into various of its markets it operates in. I love it! And now they have added a feature to their UK site that makes me like it even more: an inspiration section with some cool and creative videos of fascinating and inspiring people in the areas of Health, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Taste and Creativity. I feel they understand what I need!

Needless to say there is a best practice case from innocent (about The Big Knit) in The New Brand Spirit :-) !

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